Finally updated this site!


So, for about the last year, since I first put this site up, I did I really stupid approach for the projects and blog pages and made them static. Both those things can change a lot, so I made the projects link use the GitHub API to grab my projects, and implemented a simple blog system you're reading from now. I plan on using this to talk about dumb shit, so like check it out sometimes. I might add an RSS feed for it or something. Anyway bai


We Vidbytez Now

Vidbytez is back fellas


Hitoha: TextchanSocial Electric Boogaloo!


TWITTER 2.0, BUT SHITTER! But, uh, yeah, it's a project I'm working on, NodeJS based Twitter clone thingy, with this really nifty material design theme. No reason to really use it when it's out, mostly just a for fun project, but use it anyway! I realize I've kinda been shuffling between PHP and NodeJS a lot for projects. While I really do like PHP, I have a great appreciation for not doing much work, and npm is quite the enabler of that! And, I've figured out how to use JS async awaits, so don't gotta deal with Promise/Callback hell anymore! I swear, that shit is the worse. Anyhow, watch out for that dropping!