Vidbytez, MongoDB, and Oh My!

Hey fellas, Trigex here, it's been a hot minute!

I changed the very site you lay your eyes on now... to use a decent database for this blog. Yeah, that's right. MySQL is hot garbage. Hipster MongoDB is the only respectable way to go. Not really, I just like MongoDB.

Anyhow, recently I've been working on a neat little project called Vidbytez, a clone of the hit popular-with-the-12-year-olds-crowd video sharing site. I wanted to do it a year ago actually, back when that site's moderation was turned into a dumpster fire and I figured I could make a quick buck, but Iwas still tackling the hell of figuring out effective Node.js web development. Sad, but I got that mostly figured out now and Vidbytez's development is going pretty well! I figure once it's to a decent level of compleition some people will unironically use it. We'll see!

I don't actually have much else to say, but I promise I might actually use this sometimes now